History behind the brand

We, as well-respected gentlemen from Europe got so inspired by the movie, so we wanted to get the tracksuits of the boxers so bad...

The sad news was that, according to a costume designer of The Gentleman - Michael Wilkinson, the jogging suit for the boxers is custom-made and there was no brand under which such a casual sports suit was sold.

Till now.

Presenting TracksuitGentlemen™ - high-end suits handmade our of premium fabrics.

Hello, we are a Ukrainian brand of youth clothing “MG”. Our firm has been on the market for over 5 years, the main production is located in Kharkov. In June 2020, inspired by Guy Ritchie's film “The Gentlemen", we decided to create a similar line of suits for the "tots" gang. When creating the image of a "gentleman" we follow the following rules:

1. High quality.
We bought analogs of cheap similar suits and realized that this should not be worn. Uneven seams, poor quality plastic fittings, unpleasant to the body, cheap fabric and much more. In our suits, we fixed all these things so that when wearing this suit gentlemen feel confident and comfortable.

2. Rule 250. That’s how many suits of the same design there are in the World. We are constantly updating our assortment so that each gang is unique. All the colors that we have ever had on Instagram you can see in highlights, and those that are available are on our website.