History behind the brand

Hello Gentlemen!

We are a Ukrainian clothing brand “The Gentlemen”.  In 2020, inspired by Guy Ritchie's film “The Gentlemen”, we decided to sew a couple of “Toddlers'”outfits for ourselves.  Having seeing the demand of our friends and customers, we set a small handmade production for fans of the movie and style.  As a result, we have already sewn more than 2000 suits in 25 different variations and sent them to 22 countries of the world.


Our principles

Quality.  When we made our first suit for sale, our cost was even higher than the retail price of some competitors.  At that time, such suits were made by only 3 companies in the world, including us and China.  We compared our products and here's what we learned:

  • Interior lining.  Lack of it affects durability and wearing comfort.
  • Cheap, plastic fittings.  It breaks down quickly and becomes unusable.
  • Low quality control.  The quality of the seams shocked us O_o
  • Bad fabric.  Cheap, simple and thin fabric.  Tears and quickly loses color.

“And so we decided to be the first company with a truly high quality product".

Totally handmade.  All our suits are exclusively hand-sewn.  We use metal Italian fittings and high quality Turkish fabric.  Even the cuffs on pants and jackets are knitted on looms, and then sewn by hand.  Therefore, the production of one suit can take up to 10 days.

Limited Edition.  We stand for individuality and do not strive to fill the market with mass stampings.  Each suit of the Gentlemen series is sewn in limited quantities.  We follow this very closely.  Usually it is from 150 to 250 units worldwide.  Therefore, buying our suits, you can be sure that you will become the owner of a truly exclusive product.

We work every day to make you feel fashionable, cool and comfortable in any situation!

The Gentlemen TrackSuits are more than tracksuits.  Yes, it happens!  Our suits are a bright, modern and fashionable interpretation of a classic suit.

Grab our suits and feel like a real Gentleman anytime, anywhere!